Force and Motion

This winter we also learned about Force and Motion, pushes and pulls, gravity, speed, strength, collisions, and cause and effect. We experimented with ramps, balls, blocks, cups, and other objects to see how we could manipulate objects using slopes, speed, and strength. Students completed various challenges, including creating a ramp that would roll a ball to a designated area and stop, as well as using an object for the ball to bounce off from (collide, change direction) to land in a designated area. Team work at a distance has its challenges, but our kindergarteners rose to that challenge!  We then used what we learned to have fun with bowling in the field, and creating leprechaun traps in the classroom.   We set our traps, and although we didn’t catch a leprechaun this year, he did leave his green footprints behind, and a lucky coin or two for everyone!

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!

This past weekend marks the official start of Spring! As we say goodbye to winter, we remember the fun we had in the snow. As we greet the spring, we are happy for the warm air and to shed some layers of winter gear.  The mud has provided new explorations, the sandbox invites us to build castles, and the open field is perfect for running and playing!





Kindergarten Snow Fort! Day one….

Learning in the Classroom (with hoops for social distancing)

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Our First Time sledding this school year!



Video One Click Here to Watch!

Video Two Click Here to watch!

Video Three Click Here to Watch!

Video Four Click Here to Watch!

All About Me!

Our “All About Me” collages are coming along great!  These have provided a wonderful springboard for students discussing all about families, traditions, and the people, places, and things they love! We have so much to be Thankful for!  Students are also practicing speaking in front of a group of peers, using a big voice, and answering questions from peers!  The things that fill us with joy can be contagious (in a good way!) spreading our joy to others too!

A little rain means a little adventure!

What an amazing group of K kiddos!  I was nervous about how we might handle the rain, and the kids approached it with excitement! It blossomed into an opportunity for exploration and adventure! They found creative ways to use their disks, floated leaves down the newly formed “rivers” and giggled as they dashed between tents and raindrops! They explored with mud, and found new ways to create bigger and better splashes!


Outdoor Social Distancing Snack

Exploring in the Woods by the Brook

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First Day of In-Person Kindergarten!

We had a wonderful day today! Here are a few pictures of Kindergarten enjoying the sun and playing. They all did great learning our new rules and routines!


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