All About Me!

Our “All About Me” collages are coming along great!  These have provided a wonderful springboard for students discussing all about families, traditions, and the people, places, and things they love! We have so much to be Thankful for!  Students are also practicing speaking in front of a group of peers, using a big voice, and answering questions from peers!  The things that fill us with joy can be contagious (in a good way!) spreading our joy to others too!

A little rain means a little adventure!

What an amazing group of K kiddos!  I was nervous about how we might handle the rain, and the kids approached it with excitement! It blossomed into an opportunity for exploration and adventure! They found creative ways to use their disks, floated leaves down the newly formed “rivers” and giggled as they dashed between tents and raindrops! They explored with mud, and found new ways to create bigger and better splashes!


Outdoor Social Distancing Snack

Exploring in the Woods by the Brook

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First Day of In-Person Kindergarten!

We had a wonderful day today! Here are a few pictures of Kindergarten enjoying the sun and playing. They all did great learning our new rules and routines!


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Remote Learning Friday June 12th

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ROSE!! Born June 12th.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LELAND born June 14th and HAPPY BIRTHDAY SABINA born July 7th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LEVI born in August!  Wishing you all fun filled birthdays full of popcorn, cake, ice cream, and joy!

HAPPY LAST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN!!! Please know that we love you all and cannot wait to see each other again in person when you return to the school as FIRST GRADERS! Keep up your creativity and explorations!  You have many summer adventures ahead and we look forward to hearing all about them in the fall!

1. Writing/ Creativity/ Drawing/ Fun:  Please consider keeping a summer journal! These are great for reflecting on the positive, recording your adventures, and exploring your feelings. Fun writing and drawing practice, and also a great keepsake and conversation starter when we all return in the fall.

2. Movement: Play, play, and more play!! Never underestimate the power and value of PLAY! For Children, ALL play is learning!! 

3. Lexia and Symphony Math:  You can keep up on these programs all summer long!

Remote Learning Thursday 6/11

Happy Thursday K-class.  Fathers’ Day will be here soon, on Sunday June 21st. Fathers’ Day is a holiday often observed as a day to celebrate all of the wonderful adult Males in your life, to say thank you, and let them know how important they are to you!  People you might choose to celebrate on Fathers’ Day include Dads, Step-Dads, Grandpas, Great-grandpas, Uncles, Cousins, and other important adult males in your child and family’s life!


  1. Reading: Today we have some great Fathers’ Day themed books for you to choose from! Don’t have access to one of these titles? That’s OK! Choose your favorite book (or Dad, Grandpa or an Uncle’s Favorite book) and cozy up to share a book with them! You can even share a book virtually together if you are apart! Here are some book recommendations: “The Daddy Book” by Todd Parr, 

2. Writing: It’s getting towards the end of our school year. So that gets my mind thinking on what I would like to do for the summer. Maybe you’re like me and want to go camping, maybe some of you want to spend your days by the lake, or the ocean. So I would like to know what it is that you would like to do during your summer vacation. Write down a few sentences to share.Make sure you start your sentence off with a capital/uppercase letter. Stretch those words out to get the sounds.Draw a picture to go with your sentences. Don’t forget to add action lines, speech bubbles, and details.When you are done, don’t forget to read it to a parent or sibling.

3. Social Studies/ Father’s Day:  32 Great ideas you can easily make at home! Check out the following link, I have also added some pics of my favorites here too!

4. Symphony Math: (20 min)

5. PE/ Movement: Be sure to go to Coach Sadie’s blog space to see what she has planned for you this week! 

6. Science: Today you need to go outside and EXPLORE. The trees are blooming! The flowers are up and blooming! Lots of baby birds have hatched and are just learning to fly. What can you discover in your yard? You might have baby chicks, puppies, baby goats, tadpoles. I don’t know what you will  find, but I am sure you will love it. Happy exploring. 


Remote Learning Wednesday 6/10

Hello K-Class, today is our final dance party Wednesday! We are half way through our last full week of school. I don’t know about you, but I am going to miss our dance parties.  Flag Day is Sunday June 14th.  Today I have some activities to help you learn more about The American Flag and why it is an important American Symbol. We will also look at different state flags as well as Flags that symbolize other countries as well.


1. Social Studies/ History: Do you know what the American Flag looks like? What colors do you see? How many white stripes? How many red stripes? How many stars? Do you know why there are a certain number of stripes and stars? Why is the American Flag an important symbol? Do you know there are rules around handling the American Flag appropriately and respectfully? Do you know why these rules exist? 

A video all about American Symbols:

A great positive video you can dance and sing along to, by one of my favorite children’s musicians, Jack Hartman that celebrates what it means to be American!

2. Reading: There are so many great titles for teaching your child about the American Flag, other important American symbols, and American Pride. Learning about American Symbols, learning the words to the Pledge of Allegiance, and learning the words of our National Anthem are all K standards we typically teach in the Spring.   Titles I recommend: “What Does it Mean to be American” by Rana DiOrio, “Oh Say Can You See” by Sheila Keenan, “F is for Flag (Reading Railroad)” by Wendy Lewison, “The Flag Book” Lonley Planet kids, “Is a Bald Eagle Really Bald?” and 50 Trailblazers of the 50 States: Celebrating the Lives of Inspiring People who Paved the Way from Every State in America” by Howard Megdal.  

3. Math: Scavenger Hunt! For this math assignment you are going to have to walk around your house and do some counting. How many shoes are there in your house? How many boots…, snow boots…., sandals….,sneakers….? What do you have the most of? What do you have the least of? How many have buckles….,shoelaces….,snaps….,?

4. Dance Party: It’s our last Wednesday to dance together. So crank up the music and get those dancing feet moving. Take a video to share! Let’s all dance together at our last Google Meet! 

5. Writing: Kindergarten, I would like to know what your favorite part of school was this year? I know what mine was… getting to be with all of you! Maybe it was the Pushes and Pulls unit we learned about. Maybe it was all the puzzles, or Chinese New Year. How about our Chinese Parade? What about our “plane ride” we took? Maybe you liked Choice time where you could choose from the choice board.. Maybe you liked the pretend center, the gingerbread house, the post office, or doing our Human Bodies and hanging them in the hallway. There were so many fun things that we accomplished. Can you write 2-3 sentences and draw a picture? Don’t forget to color the picture in. I would love to see what you choose to write about!

6. Lexia: (20 min)

7. PE Be sure to go to Coach Sadie’s blog space to see what she has planned for you this week!


Remote Learning Tuesday 6/9

Happy Tuesday K-Class. As we are now in June, I am looking forward to going swimming and visiting the beaches, many of which are starting to open back up! Today we will go on a virtual field trip to explore the coral reefs. I hope you will be as amazed as I was by all of the colors and all the different types of fish. Let’s see what wonderful things are under the ocean. Enjoy your trip!


1. Reading:  Find any good book or two (or three), a favorite sit spot, and set the timer for at least 20 minutes. You might even bring a stuffie or pet with you to share your stories! Look through all of the pages and see if you can tell the story using your own words. What do you notice about the pictures in the books you chose? What do you notice about the words? Do you spot any words you can read? Trick words or popcorn words? Count how many pages are in the book you just read.  Do you have a favorite place to cuddle up and read? 

2. Art: Tuesdays are art days in Kindergarten! Make sure you visit the art teacher’s blog space to see what she has planned for you for our LAST week!! 

3. Science: Virtual Field Trip:  Let’s see what’s in the ocean.

4. Writing/ Creativity/ Drawing:  Today’s writing prompt question: If we all lived in a yellow submarine, what do you think we would see? What types of sea creatures would be swimming in the ocean?  See if you can work on your story for at least 30 minutes. Draw a picture and write 2-3 sentences answering the questions above. Stretch out the words you want to spell to see how many sounds you can hear to write down. Remember to use lower case letters and add spaces between your words. Please send along your finished work for me to see! I love seeing what you are working on! If it is a piece you would like me to post to the blog, or if you want to bring it with you to Google Meet tomorrow, please share!

5. Movement/ Science: Water Play! Use buckets, bins, a pool or splash pad, or even just the hose! Make a river in your sandbox, in the mud, or in the driveway. Can you make a dam? A bridge? A boat to float in the water? Can you make a rainbow with the hose? What sinks? Floats? Grab a net and some objects! Create your own water game!

6. Symphony Math:


Remote Learning Monday 6/8

Happy Monday K-Class. This will be our last full week of  Kindergarten! It has been an unexpected year in many ways, but also a year of tremendous strength and refocus on working together as a family and community.  This week we will be celebrating our Summer Birthdays! Happy Birthday to our June Babies Rose and Leland, our July birthday girl Sabina, and an August birthday for Levi! This week we will also complete some activities pertaining to Flag Day (June 14th),  Fathers’ Day (June 21st), and end of year celebrations. Stay Tuned!

Our last Monday share! What is one thing that you did over the weekend? Ms. Martha spent the weekend with her family and spending time taking care of the plants she has planted.  Ms. Bigwood planted her green bean plant in the garden outdoors and had fun playing with the baby!


1. Math: For our last week, choose your favorite math game to play with a family member or friend. Monster Squeeze, Top-It, Yahtzee, Number Go Fish, Bears in a Cave, or Symphony Math. Any game that uses two dice is also great math facts practice.

2.  Art/ Writing: Make your own chalk! Did you know you can make chalk at home- use equal parts (review what equal means) cornstarch and water (add food dye for color), let dry in a mold of your choice for 12 hours (toilet paper tubes work well! or silicone molds or cookie cutters on wax paper). Once you have made your chalk creations, see if you can write the alphabet, or the numbers 1-20, or 10 sight words.  Now make it a game by grabbing a squirt gun and having a partner call out a letter, number, or word and see if you can find it and squirt it.

3. Bonus Science Experiment: In the spring Kindergarten typically learns about solids and liquids. After making chalk, you can make another fun experiment with cornstarch- oobleck- a non-Newtonian fluid (has the properties of both a solid and a liquid). Simply mix 1 part water to 2 parts cornstarch (and food dye if u wish!)

4. Music: Monday’s are music days in Kindergarten! Be sure to visit the Music teacher’s bog space to see what she has planned for our last week!

5. Puzzles: problem solving, spacial relationships, visual discrimination, patience, persistence, teamwork, fine motor practice…. so many skills in one activity!!

6. Lexia: (20 min)