Pushes and Pulls Bumper Bowling

To conclude our science unit on pushes and pulls, the K class visited the bowling alley to experiment with the best strategies for knocking down the most bowling pins. Sometimes the best strategy is not to throw the ball in a straight line! This field trip was an extension of the “Mystery Science” Unit entitled “Bumper Bowling.” We had a fantastic time!



Leprechaun Traps!

We are applying what we are learning about force and motion to engineer our own leprechaun traps! I have been really impressed with the class’s creativity! We will continue to work on these all week, then we will set our traps on Friday at the end of the day. When we return on Monday, we are hoping one of the traps will have caught a leprechaun to grant our wishes! This month we have also been reading several Irish folktales about leprechauns as well as other folktales that are popular in the United Sates.  I can’t wait until these traps are completed and set! Good luck Kindergarten!

Force and Motion, Pushes and Pulls

As part of our science unit on “Force and Motion, Pushes and Pulls” we conducted an experiment using a paper wrecking ball. The challenge was to use the wrecking ball to knock down the cup wall without bumping into or knocking down the paper houses on the other side. Students had to decide how far back to release the wrecking ball. We explored force, motion, pushes and pulls!

Dental Health

On the Friday before February break, Jessie the hygienist from Wayland Dental visited our room to teach us all about dental health! She shared with us her giant ring of toothbrushes to look at -there are so many different kinds to choose from! She taught us proper brushing techniques, and her singing bear showed helped us understand how long we should be brushing for. Two minutes is longer than we thought! We learned how to floss by practicing in teams using an egg carton and yarn. And before she left, she gave each of us a toothbrush, toothpaste, and did a craft with us! Also- she’s Mrs. King’s little sister!!



Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today we celebrated friendship, sharing, appreciation, complements, love, and community! The students had a wonderful time passing out cards, creating their “mailboxes” and receiving cards in return. There was a lot of love in Kindergarten today! Thank you families for helping everyone with their handwriting and card creations!


100th Day of School!

February Centers

Kindergarten’s First Authors’ Celebration!

January Sledding

The Human Body!

This week we started our new science unit all about the human body! We began by tracing an outline of our bodies on large paper. Next we colored them in to look just like us! We cut them out and they are now hanging up and down the hallway. As we learn about different body systems, we will be adding them to our body pictures. This is a fantastic hands-on science unit that lends itself nicely to learning many related science and health topics and easily incorporates literature, fine motor skills, writing, math, safety, respect….. and its fun!