Exploring with Pattern Blocks

Math explorations and problem solving with pattern blocks


First Weeks of School

Some long awaited pictures from the first weeks of school! The blog has been slow to start, but I am happy to finally get it up and running for the new school year! I am adding several posts today, but then will be adding new material bi-weekly. Be sure to check back in! Thanks for checking out the kindergarten blog space!

Springtime Wonder

It has been wonderful to be outside in the warm weather! Kindergarten is having fun once again with the trikes, basketballs, and butterfly nets! We even have the pleasure of watching a robin build a nest in the eaves of the playground pavilion. Today we noticed four fuzzy heads poking out of the nest! Ms. Martha and I were able to take some adorable pictures by standing on the picnic table and zooming in the camera lens. They are so cute!!

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Fine Motor Practice with Margaret

Pencil grip, hand-eye coordination, scissor skills, yoga, gluing and more…. we practice it all with Margaret , who visits our room on Mondays!

Fire Safety!

A big thank you to Shelly for visiting our K class to teach us all about fire safety! We loved seeing all of your gear close up, and you patiently answered all of our questions! Than you for helping to keep us and our community safe.

“Dissecting” Lima Bean Seeds

Ever wonder what is inside a seed?? Kindergarten asked the same question. We made some great predictions and then set to work carefully opening up some lima bean seeds that had been soaking in water overnight. We observed several different parts of a seed and looked at them under magnifying glasses. We then learned the names of the parts of a seed and had fun coloring in personal diagrams to take home and share with our families. All seeds have a seed coat, food storage, and an embryo (baby plant).

Sikh New Year

We were very excited to welcome Asees’s Mom to our classroom to help Asees share an important upcoming holiday for her and her family- The Sikh New Year! As our class has studied American and Chines traditions around New Years Celebrations, it was fun to learn about another New Year celebration important to our classroom friend! ¬†Asees and her Mom shared some beautiful pictures, a few children’s books, and a short video with the class. Asees also wore her special New Year’s outfit to class that day to share with friends. It was beautiful!! Thank you so much Asees and Pav for sharing with our Kindergarten class!!

Personal Space Camp

With the help of Bethany (school psychologist) and Karen (Speech Pathologist), Kindergarten has ben learning the art of “personal space.” Our class has been participating in “Personal Space Camp” twice a week over the last few weeks and into the next few weeks. We are learning that we each have an invisible “personal space bubble” around us. Our bubbles are smaller for family (family may be closer to us) medium sized for friends and teachers (we can be close to friends, but not TOO close), and larger for strangers (people we don’t know shouldn’t invade our bubbles).

We sing songs, play games, share stories, and practice personal space in fun ways (such as using hula hoops to help us better visualize our personal space. We learn techniques for calming our bodies, and how we can use visuals (such as stop signs) to remind us to interact and play in hands-off ways that do not “pop” each others personal space bubbles. We carried our personal space hula hoops around for the ENTIRE day today!! It was a lot of fun, and I think we learned A LOT!! Thank you Bethany and Karen!! We can’t wait to see what you have planned for us next week!!



Spring Planting!

Kindergarten has been hard at work making discoveries about seeds! After several close observations and searching for items we think might be seeds, Kindergarten planned a seed experiment! In small groups, students picked 4 items they believe to be seeds, and four items that we think are not seeds. We then planted all 8 items, gave them water, sun, and air… and waited…. and waited…. and waited some more! Each week student teams record their observations in their journals. Some of our seeds have sprouted! We have also been observing the growth of grass seeds, bean seeds, various flowers, and root vegetables. We have been busy!! Our study continues as we will be “dissecting” lima beans and learning about the parts of seeds and plants, and the life cycle of plants.


Author’s Celebration, Narrative Stories

Thank you to everyone who came out to support Kindergarten and their polished and “published” narrative writing pieces. We had a great turn out and everyone enjoyed reading and listening to some great stories! I am so proud of how hard the K kiddos worked on their pieces and how much their writing skills have grown! Congratulations Kindergarten!