The Human Body!

This week we started our new science unit all about the human body! We began by tracing an outline of our bodies on large paper. Next we colored them in to look just like us! We cut them out and they are now hanging up and down the hallway. As we learn about different body systems, we will be adding them to our body pictures. This is a fantastic hands-on science unit that lends itself nicely to learning many related science and health topics and easily incorporates literature, fine motor skills, writing, math, safety, respect….. and its fun!

Read-a-Thon and Pajama Day!

Our class did a lot of reading before the Thanksgiving break! We had guest readers from other rooms, our reading buddies came, our teachers read to us, and Kindergarteners did some reading of their own too! I hope everyone had a relaxing break and welcome back!


During centers, we explore many subject areas in various small groups. We practice academic and motor skills, but are also practicing negotiating as part of a team, learning to take turns, sharing ideas, supporting one another in positive ways, disagreeing respectfully, and becoming better communicators.  The class looks forward to Wed and Fri Center time!

Kindergarten Community Service

As some of you may remember, last year’s Kindergarten class created a “Buddy Bench” for the K/PreK playground to promote inclusivity and empathy on the playground. This year, our class will be focusing on giving thanks to members of our community that have a very important job of helping to keep our country safe through their service in the various branches of the military. In discussing the observance of Veteran’s Day, many classmates had personal connections to members of the military. Our class created “Thank You for your Service” cards to give to the Veteran’s at the VA Hospital in Florence, MA. They were very appreciative and the cards brought joy to many Veterans at the hospital. Our class is learning the importance of helping others and giving back as they participate in this community service project. We will be working to create winter themed cards to send out in the coming months to service members overseas, and will also be planning another contribution in the spring.

First Snow Excitement!

Pumpkin Carving

Red Apple Farm

Hard at Work

Welcome to Kindergarten!

Exploring with Pattern Blocks

Math explorations and problem solving with pattern blocks